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Since 2014, we have raised funds for Ataxia UK to carry out medical research for a cure for Fredriech's Ataxia. 

What is Ataxia? 

‘Ataxia’ is an umbrella term for a group of neurological disorders that affect balance, coordination and speech. There are many different types of ataxia that affect people in different ways. 

Who gets Ataxia?

Anyone of any age can get ataxia, but certain types are more common in certain age groups. For example, people with Friedreich’s ataxia are usually diagnosed in childhood or adolescence.

Is there any cure?

Some forms of ataxia are treatable, but in most cases there is still no cure. We are supporting research and putting all our efforts in trying to get treatments or cures for the ataxias.

What is it like to have Ataxia?

One of the challenging aspects of living with ataxia is that many people don’t know what it is. Here are a few lines we’ve gathered from the community to help you explain it.

 “My limbs don’t do what I want them to do; it’s as if I’m drunk.”

 “I can look and sound drunk but I am not (more’s the pity). I have a rare neurological disease similar to MS (they know what this is).” 

 “It's like trying to walk upright on a moving small boat”

the Mission

Ataxia uk believe that people with ataxia deserve care, understanding and a cure. We raise funds for medical research into finding treatments and cures for the ataxias, raise awareness, and offer support, advice and information for people living with the condition.

What a great result you had this year and we can’t thank you enough for all your the hard work that went into making it another mammoth success.
— John Williams, Ataxia UK Director
The Street Party is one of our biggest yearly fundraisers and we are so grateful for all of the hard work you have put in.
— Zoe Lonergan, Ataxia UK